Enjoy a natural looking tan without the dangers of UV exposure and skin damage. Spray Delray is committed to safe alternatives to traditional outdoor sun tanning.

Traditional Tans

Silky smooth on the skin, the way a spray tan was meant to feel, and so natural-looking you’ll swear you just got back from a day in the sun. 8-10 hour rinse time.

Rapid Tans

Wash off sooner! Our rapid tans take less than half the time to get to a natural and radiant tan. All the benefits of our traditional tans in less time.

Organic Serums

Uniquely blended organic ingredients designed to enhance your spray tan experience by promoting long-term skin health.


Traditional Tan


Rapid Spray Tan


Rapid Spray Tan with Anti-Aging Serum


Organic Serum Add-Ins



We donate a portion of tan sales to skin cancer research

Protecting your skin is at the heart of what we do, and with your help, we can do more for the community. Our donations support skin cancer prevention, early detection and effective treatment. We want people to feel amazing in their skin without jeopardizing their skin health.

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